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  • The solar street light industry “explodes thunder” again, the secret behind the battery is deep


    In recent years, solar  street light energy has developed rapidly and has spread to various fields, largely due to the decline in the cost of solar cells and energy storage. As an important part of solar products, the cost reduction of solar cells promotes the rapid development of the solar energy industry. Judging from the overall development trend of my country’s solar street light industry, some institutions predict that the output of the entire industry is expected to be around 20.25 million by 2020. By 2020, the market capacity of solar street lights will reach 60 billion yuan.


    Similarly, with the development of new energy vehicles, lithium battery technology has become more mature and the cost has fallen, making it possible to apply lithium batteries to solar street lights. Compared with lead-acid or gel batteries, lithium batteries have more advantages. Due to the high energy density of the lithium battery, the volume becomes smaller under the same capacity, which makes the integration of the battery and the lamp possible, and also provides more imagination for the design, making the solar street light more beautiful. It makes transportation, installation and maintenance easier; more importantly, lithium batteries have a longer cycle life than lead-acid or gel batteries, which also makes the life of solar street lights longer, which is undoubtedly a problem for photovoltaic lighting. good news.

    Where did these eliminated batteries go? What are they used for? It is understood that many eliminated batteries have flowed into the solar street light industry, which has added a fire to the solar street light market that lacks standards, resulting in The industry is more uneven, and the gap in price and quality is even greater. Not only that, some manufacturers even openly claim that the battery life of cars eliminated can reach 15 years, and the warranty is 5 years. The editor is also wondering: The warranty given by the eliminated battery sellers dare not have any promises, and can only be traded in cash.How can these solar street light manufacturers have the confidence that they can be used for 15 years?


    Due to the rapid spread of this trend in this industry, it is indeed beyond imagination. It seems that overnight, everyone will think that solar street lights should use such batteries, so the editor is in order to figure out what is the difference between normal batteries and eliminated batteries. , Specially combined with some battery suppliers to do industry surveys, get some data, and let everyone understand the secrets through data and analysis.


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    Post time: Sep-09-2021