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  • SolarEdge infringes on Huawei’s inverter patent | Chinese court ruling to pay 10 million yuan

    Chinese inverter manufacturer Huawei said on Friday that the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court has ruled that SolarEdge infringed one of its inverter products produced and exported by the Jabil Circuit (Guangzhou) Ltd. division and two other subsidiaries in China. Patents.The decision is related to one of three infringement lawsuits that Huawei filed against SolarEdge in a Chinese court in May. The company said that the court had ordered SolarEdge to “immediately stop infringing activities” and pay Huawei 10 million yuan (US$1.4 million).Huawei’s other two patent requirements are still under review.

    In response, a Solaredge spokesperson told Photovoltaic Magazine: “We noticed that this is the first instance judgment of the Chinese local court, and the judgment can only be enforced until the Chinese High Court makes an appeal.” The company added , The decision is only related to the old version of the inverter that is no longer in production, and will not affect the inverter that is currently being manufactured or distributed. The spokesperson said: “Therefore, it will not have any impact on SolarEdge sales.”

    The manufacturer intends to appeal the verdict. 

    In response to this series of events, a Huawei spokesman has previously said that Huawei has been a strong advocate and beneficiary of intellectual property protection. More than years of experience tells Huawei that only by fully respecting and protecting intellectual property rights, advocating fair competition and cooperating with partners on these basis can huawei maintain innovation and competitiveness, create greater value for customers, and further promote technological progress and social development for the future.  

    SolarEdge also filed three lawsuits against Huawei in Jinan and Shenzhen district courts in October.


    Post time: Sep-07-2020