Solar street light project news

After years hard work , we have got the trust of my customers . our customers also have a growth rapidly . Our customers sent a lot of solar light projects to us for appreciating our effort.
Please kindly see our project in America for solar garden light UFO shape :

Our solar garden light-UFO shape all are made of lithium battery 12.8V .Compared to other products in the market , our power is stronger because the other solar garden light is only 3.2 or 3.7V , our lights can work well under snowing and long rainy days .
Please kindly check our solar street light in PNG market , our lights now all cover the whole island :
Our all in one solar street lights are used in PNG , Australia , Middle east , Africa , a lot of customers become our agent and earn a good profit . We also hope that we can have more clients and we grow up together .

Our lights are of 3 biggest advantages :
1.Good lumens in a moderate price .
2.Easy to replace broken parts with new parts to save your repairing cost after warranty term .
3.Well-known products, we have multiple kinds of solar lights to match any project of our customers . From cheap to expensive products .

We will be very glad to hear from you and do the most effort to help you to get the project you have . Kindly contact with us when you have the enquiry .

Post time: Mar-02-2021