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  • Rugao retrofits 4 municipal roads with solar LED street lights

    The LED lighting renovation project of Zhongshan East Street lamps in the urban area can be said to be a representative project of Rugao’s municipal green development. This road originally used sodium lamps for lighting. In order to promote economical lighting, 240W solar LED street lamps replaced 294 500W sodium lamps, and 120W solar LED street lamps replaced 154 250W sodium lamps. The average power saving rate is 65%, which saves 440,000 kWh per year. Save more than 390,000 yuan in electricity bills.

    After the street lamp LED transformation, the average illuminance of the road surface has reached 1.5 times the average illuminance of the original sodium lamp. The lamp life of more than 50,000 hours far exceeds the life of the sodium lamp 8,000 hours. The long warranty period of 5 to 6 years is realized, and the annual electricity saving is 2.685025 million kilowatt hours , Saving 2.368192 million yuan in electricity costs, reducing CO2 emissions by 1022.99 tons and saving 886.06 tons of standard coal.

    protection, explosion protection, and electromagnetic compatibility.

    Henning Helmers, head of the research team, said: “This thin-film method has two obvious advantages in terms of efficiency. First, the photons are trapped in the cell to maximize the absorption of photon energy close to the band gap. At the same time, this The heat loss and transmission loss are minimized, making the battery more efficient. Secondly, the internal photons generated by radiation recombination are captured and effectively circulated. This prolongs the effective carrier life and additionally increases the voltage.

    Andreas Bett, Director of the ISE Research Institute, said: “Light energy transmission has many applications. For example, wind turbine structure monitoring; high-voltage line monitoring, fuel sensors or passive optical networks in aircraft fuel tanks; optical supply of external implants or Provide wireless power for IoT applications.”

    According to reports, in April 2021, ISE researchers achieved a conversion efficiency of 26% for double-sided contact silicon solar cells, a record.

    Mercom earlier reported that the III-V/Si tandem solar cell developed directly on silicon by ISE researchers set an efficiency record of 25.9%.

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    Post time: Jul-16-2021